I have been asking myself how do you or anyone for that fact to forgive your perpertraitors who have committed unspeakable criminal acts on you and forcing your life to be a living hell for 18 years and will do till the day you die with no recourse so they can collect 100k a year and write a paper and text book.

Do you forgive by pitying them? I pitied them years ago and that never helped me forgive.

Do you see them as the parasites they are? Yes, I have see the parasites and their ugliness. That didn’t help me forgive either.

If anyone has advice, I will listen to your suggestion. I am not saying I will take it.

I do forgive all you scum, even the one off’s . You know who you are. BUT FORGET. NEVER. TRUST ANY OF YOU, NEVER.

Do tell me doctors. How does it feeeel, knowing you all have made fools of yourselves. Not once could you prove any mental illness of me or find me incompetent. Must really feel stupid. I would if I was you. If you are asking “how”, by doing the most stupidist acts. Getting above yourselves by not getting me before you got your grant. Not bright.

I will tell you morons to enlighten you on law, You cannot use any of the material as you will not have me go to a private dr, If you think you are going to use that paper I signed giving norm power of attorney, First It useless. It was written under duress, second I deliberately used at that time 10 year old paper with fresh ink, It was going to be one of my proofs, Now it is advertised here  you cannot use it and you wont get me back to Qld ,  You have lost drs, you know it and you know I know it,  Told you when you started your filth, there will be no winners,  to me thats a win lol,

How do you feeeeel dr colin kratzing knowing through your negligence you killed Mrs Mavis Gaylor, how many have died because of your incompetence that you never referred  because you had no clue of their illness and then to slap the family in the face as to say by not going to sign the death certificate, is that because you couldn’t face her young family knowing they lost their mother and wife because of you and your ego. When one daughter went and saw you and wanted answers at why her mother died, In your usual arrogance your only reply “why worry about it now” and wouldn’t give her answers,  she was only a young teen at the time, now an adult she can see your lies

Then her daughter shauna a few years later dies while under your care of home visits, was it an unspoken agreement with the husband?  with her you did sign the death certificate so no autopsy, very suspicious. you should have been sued, one of mavis’ daughters was a minor at the time of her mothers death and found out the truth years later, maybe its not too late for her to take action, karma you filth,

Another person dying because of a drs incompetence, Robert (bob) Gardiner at the Caboolture Hospital. For 4 mths they treated him for celiac, he kept telling dr, he didnt have celiac,  idiots, Worked out he had cancer, last week they took a sample, he waited all week to find results, today said they didnt take  enough they have to do it again and has to wait another week for treatment and results, you can imagine his stress, then a keyhole surgery, said all will be alright. operate and take it out. The filth did the operation, cancer spread everywhere after opening him up. Now they told him he has a week to six weeks to live, naturally he is angry, he hasnt even enough time to sue them, was that the idea drs, protect another incompetant idiot, destroy another life.

Suppose you can add this one to the 20.000 drs kill a year from misdiagnoses and errors in operations. when are they going to clean up this mess and get rid of the crap.

Well another dr. doing harm.. Dr, Neil Shultz gave psychogenic drugs and ecstacy to have sex with her. His punishment> 18 months not practicing, his license given back to him after that, bet he goes to Brisbane then.   Also a Dr. Young had sex with 2 of his patients, see people you cannot trust them.

Well, More Drs committing crime, Gold Coast dr turning off life support on patients so they would die. Other drs had to rush to turn them back on. 2 people died and guess what, not deregistered, they just put him on admin duties, whats stopping him going down and still doing it, They are also investigating another 8 drs for misconduct. Wonder if its any of the filth on my blog, Told them one day the health system will fall. Maybe this is the start

I also want to thank everyone for commenting, please understand as much as I


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