For my ex to do what he did I doubt I can ever forgive him. I know why he did it, he thought I was going to be locked up, made a lab rat for the filth doctors and experimented on till the day I die, he walk off with money they promised him and the relative and he walk off and live with his girlfriend. What trash she was.  Moved her in 2 days after he told me to “either go to the c..ts or leave.  I left.  He told me she was the only woman he’s ever loved.  It was all he deserved, a wino. Welcome to it Norm, I was too good for you. You had no sense of decency, but knowing your whole family I know where it comes from.


A new word for the dictionary,  MENTALPHILIA – Mentalphiliac’s = People who enjoy committing  acts of crime and humiliate the mental for enjoyment and sexual pleasure. I know they have a word for it, but as far as I am concerned they have gone past their egomania (narcistics).  They have grandiosa personas, inflict pain, believe they are better than others, have a right, controlling, no empathy, unsympathetic, step on anyone who gets in their way, greed, no one is smarter than them, never accept responsibility, see themselves with grandure when they write their text book. There are nine characteristics to egomania, count them people. Dr’s Kratzing, Maher, Norman (deceased), Luckensmyer AKA Marion Kratzing.  You all need help and be locked up before you destroy more people.

Watched a show on 2 the other night, Teachers.  They were in a pub talking about their gay sex lesson to students. One branded them all the same, other teacher retorts. “Thats like saying Psychiatrist’s are all mad”.  A truer word never said. By the way, that comment put me into hyterical laughter.  See, it’s not just me, everyone knows what they are like.

Be informed and aware of the acts they do. The AMA. HCCC, LAW covers for them, They class them as the police, a necessary evil.

But no one can get justice when their peers are the only ones who judge them, its like judging themselves.


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