I have been  asked by a lot of people what has happened since.  I am still jailed. But I did do something I hope will put a dent in their lives..

I copyrighted my  voice,  10319     images…10318   writings/intellect…10320,  I will be keeping copyright valid till I die, then its valid for 70 years after death,

So to ensure  the  kratzings and minors don’t use it to write a text book , seminars or teaching aid,

Should anyone use the above are liable to a 250k fine,  I give no one or will give any person permission to use any letters, recordings, images for study, seminars, teaching, book or any reason. I want the cams removed from my premises and the tracer from my car.

If I am nuts, my business.  I function like everybody else, can think and do for myself, 23yrs and they still could’nt find any mental illness, no incompetancy, I don’t care if my voice changes tones, under the law they are not allowed to push thenselves onto people, well they broke that law, if I’m what is called crazy, thank god for that, hate to be what I’ve come across and if thats what you call normal, you pathetic sad morons,

This is my last entry to my blog, So people keep away from these parasites.  If you live near them, tell their neighbours if you work with them show co-workers.


ps. found out they were  fake copyrights, all the copyrights I had paid for. well at least I got my money back for that joke. I may not be able to do anything about what they have done, its them who have to live with the knowledge maybe one day they will be found out and shamed.

As for Nicole Gayler igore what she has said, she was a plant to get friendly and to do an act at the cemetary which was to have someone push me in the back and her watch the reaction which was normal. I don’t mind as I saw her karma. Will be in a couple of years but i can wait and be happy about it as it will hurt her. I will enjoy it.


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